Państwo Dania
Powierzchnia4,08[1] km²
Wysokość13[1] m n.p.m.
Populacja (2019)
• liczba ludności
• gęstość

1429,0[1] os./km²
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Ziemia54°46′N 11°31′E/54,766667 11,516667
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Maribo – miasto w Danii, w regionie Zelandia, w gminie Lolland.


  1. a b c d Maribo (ang.). [dostęp 2020-03-04].

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The cathedral "Maribo Domkirke" in the town "Maribo". It is located on the island Lolland in east Denmark.
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Coat of arms on the Danish city Maribo. Based on the seal of the Brigittine convent around which the city grew and who controlled the city in medieval times. The female figure was previously rendered and interpreted as a young maiden, likely alluding to the virgin Mary to whom the convent was dedicated and who gave name to the convent as well as the city. However at the turn of the 20th century the figure was changed to a Brigittine sister to commemorate the city's founding as connected to the convent.
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