Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery
Robert Montgomery w 1939
Imię i nazwiskoHenry Montgomery Jr
Data i miejsce urodzenia21 maja 1904
Data i miejsce śmierci27 września 1981
Nowy Jork

Henry Montgomery Jr (ur. 21 maja 1904 w Beacon, zm. 27 września 1981 w Nowym Jorku) − amerykański aktor, dwukrotnie nominowany do Oscara.


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Robert Montgomery before a senate committee in Washington, D.C. on April 3, 1939. The S.R.O. sign was hung out today at the Senate Interstate Commerce Committee Hearing as Montgomery appeared to express his opposition to a bill designed to prohibit "Block booking" and "Blind selling"—two trade practices which curb the discretion that a movie house owner has in selecting pictures to be shown in his community. Speaking as a former President of the Screen Actors Guild, Montgomery told the Committee that the Guild and their lawyers have come to the very definite conclusion that if the bill should become a law it would cut in half the production schedules of the motion picture industry.