Store Heddinge

Store Heddinge
Państwo Dania
Powierzchnia2,25[1] km²
Wysokość30[1] m n.p.m.
Populacja (2019)
• liczba ludności
• gęstość

1523,0[1] os./km²
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Store Heddinge
Store Heddinge
Ziemia55°18′32,15″N 12°23′14,14″E/55,308930 12,387260
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Store Heddinge – miasto w Danii, w regionie Zelandia, w gminie Stevns.


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Store Heddinge Kirke2.jpg
Autor: Hubertus45, Licencja: CC BY-SA 3.0
The church "Sankt Katharina Kirke" in the small town "Store Heddinge" located in South Zealand, east Denmark.
Coat of arms of Store Heddinge.svg
Autor: unknown, Licencja: CC BY-SA 4.0
Coat of arms of the Danish town Store Heddinge. The arms are known from seals from the 14th century but might be older. The origin of the goat is not known but it might be derived from klintekongen, a mythological troll-like beast said to roam the cliffs off the Stevns peninsula.
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